Commercial Electrical Services Vs Residential Electrical Services


If you have a problem with electricity in your house; your bulb should be repaired, for instance, you can have the local electrician to fix it. However, the local electrician may not be able to fix the electricity problem in your office. Commercial electrical services have different demand and requirement from the home setup. To let yourself relieved, you should trust the best firm which has been experienced to overcome the problem of commercial electrical set up.

Residential Electrical Services

Unfortunately, hiring experts to overcome the problem of commercial electrical set up is rarely considered. Local electricians who offer cheaper cost are preferred. However, local electricians with cheaper price may not able to overcome and fix some various electric problems. It would be better to pay higher price yet your electric set ups are well-persevered and your satisfaction is guaranteed as well. Some reasons of employing the experts of commercial electrical services are explained below:

  • Uniformity

The electric lightings in our house have been arranged for years. They give us some wonderful touches so our places become homier. However, the most important standard in setting up the commercial space is uniformity. It means, all the light bulbs should be the same in fixtures and voltage. By applying the uniformity, your commercial set up will have professional look.


If you find such area in your working space with different lighting set up than other, don’t you think that the area has been patched up? You can apply the different lighting system to create different atmosphere in a commercial area. If you notice, the areas in hotel have different lighting to each other; receptionist, lounge and passage to hotel rooms are different to each other.


  • Licenses and Protocols

This is rarely known, but it is important to know. The licensed electricians who carry out an electrical service for residence may not be licensed for commercial electrical service. Furthermore, the commercial unit has different regulation and protocols from the residential unit. Therefore, to bring the best electrical service for office, the well versed electricians are required. They are accustomed to those systems. If there was any mistake or fire, you would be penalized if it was proven that the right protocols were not taken while the electrical system was set up.


  • Larger Scales

It is important to noticed that the office lighting set ups are brighter than the home set ups. The office lighting set up uses the higher voltage. Furthermore, office may require and have more machines to operate, such as; printers, photocopy machine, coffee maker, and others. Meanwhile, you may only use one or two computers in your house. It can be concluded that the commercial electric set ups have more demands than the residential ones. Therefore, the commercial set up should have the appropriate service. The service for commercial set up should be conducted as soon as possible to prevent the risk that may happen. For instance, the annoying flickering above a workstation should be soon fixed. Meanwhile, a fused light bulb in the attic could survive for days.

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